Introducing Remotix, VNC & ARD client for Android!

Aug. 5, 2011

We are proud to introduce Remotix, our new product connecting your Android mobile device and other Macs and PCs.

There is a lot of competition on the VNC market, so we’ve provided Remotix with some features you’d certainly like:

  • Remotix is the fastest client for Android, 90% written in native code and NDK,
  • The only client supporting Apple adaptive codec, giving you the best performance on slow connections,
  • The only client supporting Apple Screen Sharing, thus having Mac OS X authentication,
  • All multitouch gestures that you got used to: pan, scroll, zoom and right click,
  • Vertical and even horizontal scrolling,
  • International keyboard support, including ability to send unicode symbols via clipboard.

We tested Remotix with:

  • Apple Screen Sharing server (present in every Mac OS X),
  • Vine Server (OSXvnc),
  • UltraVNC,
  • TightVNC.

We’re giving special introductory price, $4.99. Go grab your Remotix on Android Market!