WWDC trip to USA

June 23, 2010

I've visited WWDC in San Francisco for the second time mostly by the same reason I went there last year - to meet great people.

Interestingly enough around 50-60% of all developers are newcomers and now much more of them have full time job working on iPhone project. Back 2009 iOS and iPhone business was more like a hobby for most of them, but now it's really becoming mainstream.

Huge satellite antennas - Steve's keynote is a big thing for media.


Yes, and for the people too. I came around 6 AM, was in the end of loooooong queue mostly up to the middle of opposite side of Moscone West. After coming inside, there was still huge crowd of people, but it was only possible to see keynote on big screens.


Minutes before Steve comes. This year it was popular to use iPads to show advertisement messages - AOL was hiring using it :)


Met two high profile guys from Apple on A-Press party. This is Michael, who runs the whole Documentation Team.


David was the first guy to set up Apple operations in Moscow back to 90s... and now responsible for developer.apple.com


Took time on Saturday after the conference to walk around. This time went to the west side. Here is just the cool Ad in the upper Market street


Sights of San-Francisco


The weather only settled by Saturday, during the whole conference the evenings were so cold, one joked "The coldest winter I ever had was summer in San Francisco".


And finally, the cat