NuKit 1.0 Release!

July 29, 2010

NuKit, new level.

NuKit was born in June and grew up before our eyes. We were constantly updating it, changing its interface, adding new functions and catching bugs. Today it is powerful and pleasant, ready to work hard and improve our Macs.

We are glad to introduce to you NuKit 1.0 – the full version of our first software product for Mac OS X. It was offered for public beta testing since June till today. We prepared a gift for our beta-users as a gratitude for their feedback. All of them will receive discounts for full version NuKit.

NuKit combines launcher, tweaker, shortcut editor, window mover and advanced calculator. This easy-to-use toolkit makes your Mac more comfortable, your work faster and easier and your life better! We’ve done our best to create NuKit as good as it possible.

Our iPhone apps are very popular. We hope NuKit will be popular among Mac users too. We guarantee that we will consider all your advice and requests about NuKit.

Enjoy NuKit!